Thursday, 8 July 2010

Boys Boys Boys

These past two weeks have been filled with surprises for me. Mostly it was me surprising myself, actually. I'm not the person I used to be; where am I? During World Cup, I have found myself cheering to the Spanish team and watching football as stressed and excited as if my life depended on it. Also I have switched from straight to wavy hair. And also, I have discovered I actually like menswear. All my life I used to be completely indifferent to that side of the industry (excepting Hedi Slimane when he was a designer), but it has only taken one mens fashion week to convert me. Actually, it only took one show and a half: the first show of the season was Issey Miyake. I did enjoy the clothes but above all I discovered that looking at male models could be a very nice pastime. By the time the next show started I was a menswear fan (OK, the second show was Rick Owens. His shows can take anyone's breath away). Having seen the same boys over and over again during the week, I have become acquainted with the it-models of the season. Each one has his own style and embodies a different trend, but there is one common trend: long hair. I couldn't agree more on this fashion, I love it! So, all you guys out there, quit going to the hairdresser right this minute and start concentrating on growing some long, luscious hair! Just know that by long hair I don't mean a heavy-metal, Europe- inspired mop, but proper beautiful hair.
I believe the only thing of the old me that I can recognise in this football-loving, wavy-haired menswear addict new me is my taste for extremely skinny, androgynous boys. I have no idea where that came from, but I have never been able to like any man who didn't fit into this beauty canon. So you can imagine my joy when seeing some of the new male models: they are all ill-like skinny, they all look like innocent girls and... now they come with long hair too! And in all versions, from the most discreet, kind of "boy around town" style...

Richie Cotterell

... to more extreme styles:

Berthold Rothas

Viggo Jonasson

Hubert Rapisardi
The it-boy of the season is, without a doubt, Marcel Castenmiller. I have heard about 20 boys and girls say they were in love with him. You have to admit he is gorgeous.

There are of course some others who have caught my eye too: I love Tomek with his delicate features and his Yves Saint-Laurent-like flair.

By the way doesn't this picture remind you of another very well known (although fictional) male model?

But Andrej Pejic is the one that has impressed me more than anyone else. From the moment I saw him walking down the Jean-Paul Gaultier catwalk smoking with a cigarette holder and moving his hips like a very elegant woman, I simply haven't been able to get over him.

Conclusions? Just one: I should have been born a gay man...


  1. I love Richie Cotterell... parece un niƱo surfero californiano!

  2. HAHAHA, what a great conclusion :)
    I always love to read your articles, opinions and sarcasm, your humour is perfect and you always make me smile ^^
    How are you? despite all of those changes (i bet you'll love your new hair even more than the last hairdo you were used to!) i hope you are ok :)
    Kiss Kiss***

  3. I just love this post! You like the same boys that I do xD
    I reccomend for you Jaco van den Hoven, and Michael Tintiuc! You're gonna lov'em, I swear!

  4. Haired boys are the best! \o/

  5. Oh, well. One question. What's the last name of this Felix? I made a quick search, but didn't find nothing.


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