Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Since it's all about 3D right now it was only a matter of time for the fashion industry to jump in the tridimensional mania. The fact that a British magazine, AnOther, has led the way is nothing new (why are the British so desperately modern? It makes me so desperately jealous), and it has done so in an all-British glamour style: Alexander McQueen clothes are worn by a Medusa-like Kate Moss. The film is a mesmerizing mix of luxury and despair; Since it was launched on AnOther's website about two weeks ago it's been one of my big favourites. So... Put on your (not at all glamourous) 3D glasses and enter a new dimension in fashion film!


  1. J'ai toujours des doutes à propos de ça, mais au moins le film ça nous change un peu... le Vogue Italia avec Miranda Kerr était tout juste terrible!

  2. You are (indeed) always ahead :)
    That remindes me the ambiguity of the MM latest collection with their almost bidimensional pieces comparing to this article of yours about 3D*

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