Sunday, 25 July 2010


This is one of the songs I get regularly obsessed with. It is when seeing this kind of work by Madonna that I wonder what actually is the big thrill about Lady GaGa. I mean, as much as I love GaGa, her overtly sexual style doesn't seem more groundbreaking than this video, which was shot almost twenty years ago; her oxygenated hair seems a 2010 version of Madonna's, her sub-gun bra seems a (less practical) extension of Jean-Paul Gaultier's cone bras... and, so far, no one except Madonna has managed to include Naomi Campbell and Isabella Rossellini in a video with such explicit sexual content.
I know GaGa gets very often compared to Madonna. I wonder why... have we actually regressed where it concerns female empowerment and true sexual freedom? Maybe we do need a new version of that first creative, shameless and fresh Madonna (before she got obsessed with the Cabbala and yoga) to remind us what things should be like. And, on behalf of Lady Gaga, her career has only just begun; we don't yet know where she'll take it to, but I think it will be to a very exciting place in any case. Meanwhile, let us enjoy powerful women and their creative freedom.


  1. Hi* As always i found your opinion very interesting and refreshing! I agree with you about Madonna, she was - for me- one of the most iconic women of the XX th Century! She broke every standard long before anyone else and even with the yoga and Cabala, i must confess she remains an incon for femininity and female independence! Who knows the path Lady Gaga is going to make? I hope she continues with the good work, but a Lady like Madonna are irreplaceable. I think we shouldn't compare :)

  2. i agree, madonna is iconic. who knows, maybe lady gaga will be next!

    xx lue

  3. I adore madonna remember the glee chapter about Madonna wasnt it great??

  4. Effectivement ça fait du bien de revoir ces images... même si j'ai un peu du mal avec Madonna en tant qu'artiste, disons que c'était plutôt une (hyper) habile faiseuse d'image(s)! (un peu à l'opposé de Cyndi Lauper, que j'admire incroyablement)
    Par contre Madonna 1, Gaga 0, for sure!


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