Tuesday, 18 May 2010

E' solo moda!

During the last few weeks I have been working in some new projects which have confronted me to yet more new points of view about fashion. I've been collaborating with people who are so very different from the people I normally work with, yet they are part of the industry just like me. They just see fashion in a different way.
Working in the industry, living in France, and knowing how the French (a people I am really fond of, it goes without saying) love to establish completely structured philosophical systems on anything, from existence to politics to pains au chocolat, I often hear the most disparate speeches about what the essence of fashion is.
Also, being Spanish, and knowing how the Spanish never fail to make statements on everything (from politics to the male and female roles to the best way to make gazpacho) with the main purpose of starting controversy, I often hear the most passionate and contrary opinions on the pettiest details of the fashion industry. I love the Spanish feisty character too, it also goes without saying.
Generally speaking, working in an environment in which 80% of the people come from different countries, cultures and backgrounds, I hear, read and see too much information and interpretations every day. Not to mention what a controversial, popular and fascinating conversation subject fashion is. I get confused: fashion is art, fashion is mere money, fashion is exploitation, fashion is cool, fashion is for the elite, fashion is evil, fashion is silly, fashion is Victoria Beckham, fashion is despicable, fashion is everything, fashion is fabulous, fashion is scary, fashion is for idiots, fashion is the paradoxical expression of belonging to a group versus trying to make a difference as an anthropological theory proved by... Slow down!
Maybe I haven't thought that much about fashion, or maybe I'm slightly naïve. I like to think I just see it in a different way...

Fashion might be all of the above, but for me it means mainly creativity, intelligence, audacity and of course... fun! Just like Rock & Roll... It's only fashion!


  1. Cuanto tiempo sin verte por aquí, imagino que estarás liada.
    Un beso

  2. great thoughts- thanks for sharing them. to me fashion is everything from structure to chaos. high cost or no cost. its about taking what you have and make the most of it.
    hope youre enjoying your work- what more exactly do you work with? id love to hear.

    xx ediot.

  3. Pues qué quieres que te diga, a mí tu visión es la que más me gusta ;)

  4. Oh, dear, i absolutely loved this post. It was fascinating to hear your thoughts and it's very interesting your analisys of this theme! Thanks for sharing**

  5. This is such a well written and insightful post m'dear x

  6. Très intéressant tout ça!
    Je suis comme toi, peut-être idéaliste, mais j'aime voir la magie dans la mode, l'étincelle, la création... si elle manque c'est du marketing, voilà tout.
    'Art' est un mot sur lequel on plaque trop de préjugés, de complications, de systèmes.
    La mode c'est un art quand elle est liberté d'expression, quand elle est acte artistique parce qu'"inutile"... mais au final savoir si c'est un Art ou un art, peu importe, tant qu'il nous reste des artistes pour la faire vivre!

  7. Quel post brillant, et quel débat intéressant surtout... c'est vrai que c'est fatiguant toutes ces tentatives de catégoriser la mode... je suis plutôt comme toi, peut-être idéaliste, mais pour la mode c'est une magie, une étincelle, la création... après peu importe si c'est art, Art, manufacture... tant que des artistes nous la font vivre (stylistes ou photographes, ou bien d'autres métiers encore!).
    C'est juste un immense terrain varié et riche, qu'il ne faut pas réduire...ni non plus en faire tout un paquet !


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