Friday, 6 July 2012

Interviewing Ari Seth Cohen and his Advanced Style Ladies


A couple of weeks ago we celebrated in Paris the launch of Ari Seth Cohen's book Advanced Style with a cocktail party at Didier Ludot's boutique in Palais Royal sponsored by L'Express Styles. the lovely Mathilde Laurelli, who works for L'Express Styles website, interviewed Ari about his revolutionary work, as well as one of his Advanced Style ladies, Joyce Carpati. Joyce has a rare and magical energy to her, during the whole party everyone was mesmerized by her. Not hard to see why! So for all those of you who couldn't come to the soirée, here's a sneak peek of it. Oh, and the leopard vixen holding the book is me.


  1. Wonderful work, Mr. Cohen, and thank you, Marta, for spreading the word about this artist and his remarkable muses. I recently read a lovely interview with Mr. Cohen, in which he talks some about the deeper philosophy behind these photos: This work has made me think differently about my own aging, and has inspired me to talk more with my grandmothers about their experiences - past and present.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Meredith! I have just read your interview with Ari and loved it! I agree with everything you say, Ari has exposed a reality so different to what we are constantly being told about aging... I have always felt myself that aging should be a celebration of growing wisdom, style, self-confidence and serenity, which is why I have been a fan of Ari's work for years and done everything I could to be a part of the whole experience and make his work more known.


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