Thursday, 3 March 2011

Vive Mugler!

Yesterday afternoon, at the very last minute, I realized an invite for Mugler's show was waiting for me at the 160grams office. Nothing could have made me happier. So I got together with the lovely freelance stylist Ray and Mugler's fitting model and Brazilian bombshell Luisa B and, braving the insane Parisian cold, we arrived early to the Gymnase Japy. We were scared hysterical Gaga fans would try to kill us to steal our invites, but that didn't happen. Instead, we witnessed one of the best shows we have ever seen.
Models strolled down the catwalk in a playful, joking mood, dancing, making faces and jumping (and falling down from the towering heels, but in an amusing, graceful way). Lady Gaga walked under a red light wrapped up in latex and pigtails and smoking a cigarette and... she actually was a great model! She was obviously relaxed and having fun and made everyone smile. Rico Genest was also there working the catwalk like the zombie boy he is. Coco Rocha and Jessica Stam were two of the other models and they were fab.
The clothes were really covetable, reminiscent of Mugler's volumes but intelligently avoiding 1980's influences (after all, who cares about the 80's anymore?) and reinterpreted in a really modern, tasteful way (Ray described it as "a Jil Sanderized version of Thierry Mugler").
All in all, it was not only a cool collection and a great show, but also the first show that has made me (and everyone else) laugh because of its amazing, light, positive energy. That energy couldn't come at a better time, to remind us during one of the gloomiest fashion weeks ever that fashion is actually supposed to be fun .


  1. wow! what a great experience ^^
    jealous jealous ***

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  3. Jo que suerte tienes de haber podido estar allĂ­ te envidiio!! (L)


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