Thursday, 2 June 2011

Fire Walk With Me

About a month ago my uncle Juan literally threw at me the DVD collection of Twin Peaks, stating the series was really addictive and why should he be the only one completely hooked on it. I faintly remember watching bits of it when it was originally being broadcasted but I was about 6 then, so I started watching it, mainly out of curiosity. It turned out to be the most addictive thing I have ever seen. It's not just the amazing plot and the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer, everything about it is really different from anything you've seen before: the music, the settings, the characters and, yes, the fashions. At first I thought "oh, cool, 90's fashions!", but then I realized the girls in Twin Peaks were much more than just "90's".
Products of David Lynch's cryptic imagination, the girls are as dark, unfathomable and ambiguous as the plot itself. They all (not just Laura) seem to have two very different personalities blending into them.
Laura, for instance, has some points in common with film noir heroines like Veronica Lake: she is attractive, mysterious, and somehow glamourous; but she is also doomed by sex and drugs...



Audrey is perhaps the most Hollywood-esque character. Savvy, mature and daring, she also has a perplexing troublesome streak, kind of like a bad high-school girl from the 50's.



But the most dual character is by far Donna. Sometimes acting like a lovely, innocent schoolgirl, then taking up smoking and becoming overtly sexy and wanting to be bad.



Their style is just as surprising and fascinating. I just love the way the glamourous, old-Hollywood elements coexist with the rough, countryside clothes fit for the Twin Peaks weather. The result is simply magical! As I'm noticing more and more Twin Peaks fans around me, I'm secretly hoping the Twin Peaks mania will reach the catwalks next season so we'll all be dressing like Donna, Audrey and Maddy. Meanwhile, let's get acquainted with the fashion trends in the little town.
The first thing I noticed was the hairstyles! How cool are they? Pure Hollywood golden age with just a touch of 90's. Sophisticated but youthful. Love.

Sophistication is key to the girls in Twin peaks, also when it comes to make-up. Lipstick for them is a must. Bright red, burgundy, fuchsia, bubble gum pink, coral... you name it, it's been featured in the series.

But the genius about the styling are the clothes. They add all the charm to a look that otherwise would be far too studied. For one, girls in Twin Peaks love knitwear, and if it is oversized and patterned... even better! I've become a total fan of Lucy Moran's looks

And my favourite ever item of clothing in the series was this cardigan worn by Audrey:

Also, the girls are big on plaid: skirts, coats, blouses, bathrobes... It's all about lumberjack chic!

But they also know when and how to be sexy; underneath all those prim and proper looks we can often see the kinkiest, sultriest pieces of underwear. Maybe this is the secret of their empowerment...

Some other really delightful trends in the village are cuper cute shoes,

nerdy glasses (I'm a fan of Maddy's),

big belts marking the waist,

and doughnuts! Luckily in Twin Peaks dieting is out of fashion.
Now aren't you completely convinced that the Twin Peaks girls should be our next fashion icons?


  1. Fire
    Walk with Me

  2. Wonderful! Twin Peaks came out when I was born, but I saw it for the first time when I moved to Seattle in 2009. My whole wardrobe consisted of sweaters LOL I now live in a small oregon town and I'm convinced it's twin peaks. It's got friendly folks, mountains, dusty antiquated main street, pie and dark secrets. What's not to love??


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