Monday, 11 June 2012

Rock will save the day: Blondie vs. Buddy Holly

I'm always shocked on monday mornings when I wake up and see what people write on Twitter. "Good morning!", "A new week, let's face it with lots of energy and happiness!" or "Monday! :)" are some of the typical monday-at-7am tweets. I really don't understand it. Actually, I think people who talk like that are bluffing. Kind of like people who repeat "I love my job!" as a mantra 50 times a week. I mean come on. I do enjoy my job. I get to do what I'm passionate about in a cool surrounding, I learn lots and meet new people... but that obviously doesn't make me jump for joy when the alarm clock goes off at 7 am on a monday. I'm the kind of person who throws the clock out the window, who sleeps for 30 more minutes and who, when finally getting up, swears throughout the whole process. There's only one thing that changes my mood in the morning: rock & roll. 
So assuming all of the twitter monday lovers are bluffs and suspecting there are many people who have the same views as me on starting a new week, I thought I'd bring you a new blog section to truly energize your mondays. I'm doing so in collaboration with my father, Pepe Represa, scientific genius during the daytime and rock star at night. There's nothing my dad doesn't know about rock, so from now on, the 2 of us are bringing you different versions of rock classics to brighten up your (goddamned) monday mornings. So here you have Blondie's version of I'm gonna love you too, as well as Buddy Holly's original. Which one of them will save your day?

Ps: Also, you're welcome to comment here and tell me what your real feelings are towards monday mornings. Don't worry, you can do so anonimously!


  1. no contest without doubt original Buddy Holly

    1. I'm really indecisive about this one... I do love the Buddy Holly version, but Blondie brings such an energy to it!


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