Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Advanced Style Cocktail Party

 This is a really busy week at work for me, but I just feel all excited and chirpy! L'Express Styles (aka the best fashion magazine in France) is organizing a cocktail party and book launch for Ari Seth Cohen's Advanced Style after I suggested it! The party will be next week at Didier Ludot's iconic boutique in Palais Royal and it will be all about excentricity, style and old ladies. Because I was the one who proposed the idea, I got a whole lot of invites, and I thought maybe some of my Parisian readers would like to come so I'm giving away 2 invites (for 2 people each). If you want them, all you have to do (apart from being in Paris next wednesday, obviously) is post a comment with an e-mail address on this post between today and saturday (on saturday I will draw the winners). So if you would like to spend an evening drinking champagne in the gardens of Palais Royal among the most fashionable Parisians, looking at Ludot's amazing 60's couture dresses, getting to know the Advanced Style ladies and getting a book signed by Ari himself, Go ahead and comment here! 
Ps: Also, remember you can still pledge for the Advanced Style documentary on Kickstarter by CLICKING HERE! There's still time!


  1. Hi Ségolène! Thanks for participating, and for your kind words! I've just been reading your blog, your work is INCREDIBLE!

  2. Hello! I know I'm too late for the draw but I wanted to know if it's still possible to attend? My e-mail: I'm a huge fan of Advanced Style and already bought two copies of the book! I'm also visiting Paris from Montreal and was *so* excited to hear that Ari would be here for a book signing!

    1. Hi Laura! Sure you're more than welcome! I'm afraid it's too late to send you an invite on the mail, but I can meet you outside with an invite tomorrow if that suits you? I'll write you a private mail for the details.


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