Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Rainbow Club

Rummaging through my dressing room the other day, I came across an old discarded Benetton tye-dye rainbow-printed bikini I had bought ages ago (I think Oliviero Toscani was still shooting Benetton campaigns back then) and I came to a conclusion: rainbows are back in fashion! Rocking my new favourite bikini and seeing life through a new prism, I've come to realize rainbows are everywhere lately, mainly in Christopher Kane's ab fab cruise 2012 collection.

But rainbows have been a recurrent inspiration subject in fashion for a long time; I can think of the incredible, timeless Carmen Miranda wedges by Salvatore Ferragamo, designed back in 1936 but still super hot and covetable.
Or Alexander McQueen's milefeuille siren dresses. Breathtaking, n'est-ce pas?

Rainbows also make me think of Edie Sedgwick's post-60's style, when she went from minimal black-and-white to psychedelic multicolour with a fantastic long rainbow dress she wore in the last few scenes of Ciao! Manhattan, when she gets her electroshock therapy (I could not find any images of the dress, but you should watch the movie, it's quite something).
Here are some of the other rainbows I've seen around lately:

You can get great rainbow nails and rainbow hair at Wah Nails and Bleach London respectively for a really fashion forward look,

or Comme des Garçons perfume for a rainbow scent!

Or even rainbow decals for your keyboards (available at

Now it's time to pump up the colour; will you be wearing the rainbow look this summer?

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  1. I think I won't, because I really feel weird in so much color ;) but as usual, I loved your post - and the Alexander McQueen dress...

    (btw - the new look of the blog is great!)


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