Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A New Kind of Ethical Fashion

Can ethical fashion actually look good? Is it really possible to wear something which contributes to take care of the environment and which is guaranteed to have been made respecting human (and animal) rights without looking like an unstylish ecological ayatollah with a soft spot for Che Guevara? Matter of fact, are there ethical T-shirts without the Che's face printed on them? The answer is YES! A bunch of amazing, stylish-yet-human designers have come up with some great ideas in the field of ethical fashion. And I happen to have written about it in L'Express.
I was lucky enough to share an afternoon with Kristy Caylor, founder of Maiyet (picture above- and yes, Daria Werbowy is a big fan) and discussed artisanship, fair trade and fashion. You can read all about it clicking here.

I also spoke to Bruno Pieters - who seemed to have vanished from earth last year but (surprise!) he was actually wondering how to make earth a better place - who has recently launched the revolutionary website HonestBy. Seriously take a look at it, it's so worth it! I know so many brands go about the ethical branding thing because it seems to be "cool" and "trendy" right now, but HonestBy is the real deal (also, I wouldn't have written about it if it wasn't the real deal): clothes for vegans, organic fabrics, total transparency when it comes to know where all the materials come from (even the zippers) and 20% of benefits invested in different charity projects. You can read it all about Mr. Pieters' new project clicking here, as well as about some other cool and truly ethical brands, including Tatiana Santo Domingo's brand Muzungu Sisters and jewellery brand Kora, founded by two Californian girls who recycle waste material in Africa to make the most alluring necklaces in the world. Tell me which one is your favourite!

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